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    Zhongshan Childhood is an enterprise who specializes in children's amusement equipment production and management , focusing on design , R&D, production, sales and service as a whole . We aim to continuously provide new elements to childhood entertainment industry. Rely on many years’ amusement experience and unique innovation ability Zhongshan Childhood is aiming to bring Childhood more wonder!

     Zhongshan Childhood concentrates on developing and producing of sunny and healthy, parent-child interactive, educative and innovative Children amusement equipments. The equipments widely sold in both domestic and oversea markets. It has brought lots of fun to millions of children.

In line of the principle of "quality first,customer first", adhering to the concept of "create value for customers" Zhongshan Childhood is running on the right way in the children amusement Industry.

Zhongshan Childhood Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in the China game recreational industry base -GangkouTown,Zhongshan city,Guangdongprovince,China!

   We are "Spcialist on children amusement"!

Zhongshan childhood amusement equipment co., LTD
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