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Zhongshan Childhood Tour to Zhuhai CHIMELONGPARADISE
Time : 2016-07-07 10:03:56    Author : child

All staff of the Zhongshan Childhood Amusement went to Zhuanghai CHIMELONGPARADISE for the anniversary celebration on June.01st,2016.

The group around 40 people of the Childhood familly lead by tour guide from the China Travel Agency. They start from 8 clock and arrive in Zhuhai Changlong around 9am. The spent the whole day in the park of Zhuhai Changlong and visit all the tourist site in the Park. Yong people are very excited and taking the most challenging project such as Carrot Roller Coaster and flume ride. They also interest and was amased by the 5DVR room for the  Spirit show. The story is very interesting and the Carton is very vivid and lovely. They will never forget the most charming night when the fireworks blooming in the head sky. The most splendid abrobatics, performance, spot lights, and music foutain around them and above them. They taking the return bus and arrived at home around 11pm. It is a really wonderful day for all Childhood KIDS.

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Linda Du
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